Why Social Media Marketing is Important for your Business

Social media – there is absolutely no way you have not heard about it. In the last few years social media has completely changed the internet. Actually, whole world today breathes in social media.

Having a website or landing page is just not enough for your business these days – your business needs to extend to social media marketing sites like Facebook and Twitter to be effective and compete with other businesses in the market.

Do you know 90% of marketers use social media marketing?

But some small companies still do not use the social media properly and they overlook the power of the social media marketing.

Are you wondering why social media marketing is important for your business? Do you really need it?

Yes, you absolutely do need it.

21 Reason Why Social Media Marketing is Important for your Business

A Social Media Marketing plan is the summary of everything you plan to do and hope to achieve for your business using social networks. Social media marketing helps you find your target audience, build your brand image and get more sales.

Let’s see some of the compelling reason why social media marketing is important for your business.

1. Huge Marketplace

Social media gives you a huge marketplace to promote your products. As of now year 2023, the total number of social media users is 4.95 billion people worldwide! And this number is increasing every day.

The large volume of people sets social media platforms apart from other traditional marketing method. Unlike the other marketing platforms – print media or advertising media on television, social media is continuously growing. In last few years, social media users are growing at the rate of 9.2% and it is expected by 2025 it will reach 4.5 billion people worldwide. This extensive numbers gives you the benefit to reach more and more people for your business. 

2. Get the Targeted Traffic

Whatever your business is and whoever your targeted audience is, you will get a substantial portion of customers for your business on social media. You get all kind of traffic in social media from a young age at 16 till old age group 65+ and from different part of the world. A recent study shows that 76% social media users of are in age group in 18-24 in US and, 73% of them live in Urban areas.

You get all the numbers and stats irrespective of – gender, location and age that help you to design your product and launch it accordingly. Social media platforms give you the opportunity to promote your business or product amongst your targeted audience and get the desired attention.

The traffic benefit from social media platforms can be humongous. You can get millions of targeted traffic with the right approach.     

3. Brand Recognition

Creating a brand recognition is the most important factor for any business or product to succeed. We as consumers like to choose product that is recognized and trustable.

Social media is most effective platform to create branding of any product in short period of time. Because of its large global audience reach it helps you to get the initial visibility of your product or business easily. By using correct social media strategy, you can significantly increase your brand recognition globally. More than 90% marketer claimed that social media help their businesses to grow significantly in last few years. There is no doubt that social media can get you the boost in your business besides building your social media reputation. 

4. Get direct traffic to your site

Social media is huge, when you combine all the social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Pinterest, etc. its more than millions of people are browsing every day. By using social media platforms strategically, you can bring lots of traffic everyday into your website.

If you are doing any online business then it gets even more important to bring traffic to your website. Each time you post new content on social media you have the opportunity to bring new visitors to your site. To get continuous traffic from social media profiles you need to post regularly good content on your account. If your website is well designed then you can easily convert these visitors into customers.

5. Get the Better Conversion

Study has been shows social media offers better conversion rates than the other marketing strategy. In social media marketing you can optimize your campaign according to your business needs. You can optimize your campaign as per geo location, age, gender, etc. Social media marketing the biggest advantage is you can target the right set of audience for your product or service.

Once you target the right audience the conversion automatically gets better. Every time you post in your account is an opportunity to get the attention of visitors and bring them to your site. Once the visitor is landed in your site its all about the sell pitch to convert them into customers.

6. Cost-effective Marketing

Earlier marketing was a challenge for small businesses. They mostly used to rely on print media, as they could not afford the on-air or media advertising. But, since the rise of social media usage, it has been changed completely.

Now anyone can use social media platforms to promote their business. Social media accounts are free to join. You can join these platforms and share your business related post straight away. Businesses has both the option they can grow their account organically or via using ads. For placing social media ads, you don’t have to spend lot of money, its more budget friendly solution for you. One can start Facebook marketing as low as 5$ budget a day. Cost per thousand impression can be as low as $2.50. It is 3X less than the other marketing platforms. Social media marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy in the market.

7. Help to Grow your brand

Using social media strategically can help your brand to grow massively within short period of time. It helps you to increase the visibility and recognition of your brand. It gives you the perfect opportunity to represent your brand positively by sharing content regularly.

Through social media contents you can aware more and more people about your brand and eventually make them interested about your brand. Use compelling posts to connect with the targeted audience. Sharing quality content regularly help you to get more targeted audience for your brand and build the brands identity.

8. Build Relationship with your customers

Social media is a great way to engage and build relationship with your audience. Building relationship means does not necessary to communicate with the audiences. You can share engaging post or reply via comment or uploading engaging video content you can engage with the audiences.

The more you engage with the audiences the better chances for the conversion. Publish more engaging content in your social media accounts, educate your audience about your product. it will attract visitors and your brand will reach out to more audiences.

9. Retarget Customers from Social Media

Whenever consumer see advertisements of any new product, they don’t usually buy in first time, even though they need it. Study shows an 50% of customer buy products on their time visit to the online stores. Thus, it is absolutely necessary to retarget your customers to get more business.

Through social media ads you can retarget the consumers who left the site before making the transaction. Facebook ad platform gives you opportunity to target your real customers from the relevant traffic to your site. This is the best way to increase the conversion rate and get the highest return on your marketing spend.

10. Get the Insights of your business

Social media marketing gives you the opportunity to understand your audience. With the help of social media analytic dashboard, you can easily understand what kind of post or content drive customers to your site. According to that you can make changes and get the most benefit out of your social media accounts.

By interacting with your audience, you will get the better understanding what people want from your product and how you can make your service or product better for them. Once you encounter the problem and work on improving your service that help to improve customer satisfaction. 

Customer satisfaction is very important for any successful business.

11. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Social media help you to gather data for audience research. By gathering this data, you can analyze and understand what your audience is looking for. Implementing right strategy and making changes in your approach you can engage your audiences.

Also, it allows you give prompt response to your customers through social media channels that improve customer satisfaction.

12. Building Trust

Social media is just not a platform to promote products, services or sharing new contents or acquiring new business. It’s a two-way communication channel between you and your audience. It helps brands or businesses to engage with their prospect customers, share thoughts and building trust for your brand in the community. 

Share valuable rich contents regularly, ask people about their opinion, share insider view, share your face – these things will help you to connect with your audience and builds trust with your followers.

13. Chance to get Viral

Becoming ‘viral’ means that creating content or image or video that become incredibly popular and shared thousands of people within few hours or couple of days on social media. Getting viral means, you instantly receive attention of thousand of peoples and your brand become popular within couple of weeks.

Viral content can be both ways – positive and negative. If your brand getting viral for any wrong reason that can impact your brand negatively. Create highly engagement content for your target audience and focus on advertising and maximum reach of your content to make your content viral.  

14. Enhance SEO Rankings

Social media activities can improve your website SEO ranking on search engine significantly. Whenever you share post on social media and your audience share it further, it improves the traffic, increases visibility of your content and generate backlinks. These things help indirectly to improve your website ranking on Google.

We all know how important is SEO these days. As your SEO ranking improves on search engine your website gets more visibility and gets more organic traffic from search engine.    

You can also use hashtags on social media whenever you are sharing new content. Hashtags categorized your content and helps users to find your content. It overall helps you to improve your SEO score. 

15. Your Competitor is already on Social Media

You may find social media very intimidating, with all the features and billions of people presence worldwide. It can make your brand famous within couple of weeks. Most of the companies already using social media channels these days.

So, one thing might be bothering how you can beat your competitor as they already on the social media for long time. Its very simple most of the companies not doing it right. They lack in strategy. Joining social media is free however if you want to make an impact you need to invest time and money in social media strategy.

Generally big companies understand the social media strategy very well and they invest in proper team to maintain their social media image. But most of the small or mid-size companies failed to understand the basic things. They joined social media platforms but not able maintain the regularity and creating high-engaging content.

It’s very important to work on your social media strategy before jump in. Create engaging content regularly and focus on building relationship with your followers.      

16. Best Marketing Media

Social media is the most certainly the best marketing media for your business. Social media strategy is an essential marketing strategy for any business growth. No one can ignore the fact of the presence of huge social media users worldwide. Social platforms help you to connect with your global audience, increase awareness and help to build brand identity.

Unlike other media platform, social media platforms can give you very quick result. It can help you to build an image of your brand in society much quicker and cheaper way. Social media is great platform to reach out your potential customers without spending huge amount and boost your sales and leads.     

17. Help you to find More Customers

Social media has the advantage to get you more leads and sales. You can attract new customers by sharing engaging content regularly. Social media channels are highly engaging platforms, help to connects people worldwide.

By using the right social media strategy, you can identify and target your niche audience. Connect with the right audience is most important factor, knowing your audience is half the battle. Then you can convert this audience into your customers by sharing engaging content and building relationship. Social media gives you all the analytical tools to help you to find your target audience.  

18. Generate More Sales

No matter what your product or service is, social media has the right kind of audience for you. Your social account is the first step to find potential audience to build your brand.

As more and more people using social media use these days, it gives us the enormous opportunity to promote our products or services to build the business worldwide. By using proper social media strategy, we can find the potential audience for our product and guide to our sales page or website. If the site or landing page is optimized properly then these visitors automatically get converted into leads or sales. Many businesses these days heavily dependent nowadays on social media marketing.  

19. Building Brand Authority

Social media helps you to build your brand authority in the specific industry. This is a very important factor where you can build your brand image and place your brand as top service provider or business leader in the market.

Creating valuable and high engaging contents is the key to attract more and more visitors to your brand. The more followers or audience you have, the more opportunities for you to display your product or service and establish yourself or your brand as a key player in the industry. When your followers also share your content, creates the brand authority and inspire other people to follow your brand.

20. Unbelievable ROI

You may be surprised to know that social media drive the most sales than the any other platform. 70% of businesses get their customer through Facebook. Social media marketing gives you the best ROI in the industry.

Social media marketing does far more than creating your brand image in the market. By regular updating and using right social media strategy you can drive massive traffic to your site or store, improve brand image and customer satisfaction. And by using right methodology you can ensure the increase of customer conversion and get you more sales over the period.

21. It’s Free!

Unlike other marketing platform joining social media is free. You can join and create your social media profile in various platform – Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. You can also grow your account organically by sharing quality content regularly, using proper hashtags, using high quality images, and applying other social media strategy.

However, growing your social media account organically may take some time. If you are not social media savvy you may find it hard also, you can use advertising platform. Especially when you want to promote your brand and establish your brand image you should use advertising platform – Facebook ad, Instagram ad, etc. to grow your account quickly and reach out to more people.

Final Words

Social media is the fastest moving industry in the world!

I love the fact that businesses can find audiences, can grow their business by reaching out to new people every time whenever share a new post. Social media connect people all over the world who share the same kind of interest which was never possible before the invention of social media.

Do you know more than 50% of world population on social media today!

Social media has changed everything all over the world. People love to share their thoughts on social media every day. Social media has opened up the new door for whole world that we never imagined few years back.

It gives immense opportunity for businesses to reach out to people and expand their business. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook gives opportunity to businesses to connect with their audiences and solve their queries immediately.

If you are still not using social media for your business it’s a high time to take social media seriously and touch new dimension.

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